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Whether you're looking for dedicated server, a shared hosting plan or a virtual private server, Hostige is the right choice for you. Our powerful infrastructure will not only help you achieve your purpose, but will also provide you with confidence, knowing that you are using a secure, trustworthy and reliable hosting service. We offer some of the most affordable and optimized hosting services on the market.

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OpenVZ Servers

Virtual private servers optimized for performance and stability.

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Dedicated Servers

As the only customer on a dedicated server, you have the full system resources at your disposal.

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KVM Servers

Virtual private servers suitable for any software installation.

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LXC Servers

Virtual private servers built for speed and response time.

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Shared Hosting

The easiest way to take your idea or business online today.

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We guarantee you the following:

Instant Activation

Yes, you heard that right. All our packages are instantly activated by our automated system upon succesfull payment.

Layer7 DDoS Protection

Our hardware equipment instantly detects when something bad happens. We can mitigate the most sophisticated attacks.

Unmetered Bandwidth

You don't have to worry about running out of juice. We offer unmetered bandwidth for all the services we provide.

All ports are unlocked. Adult Content (except child pornography), Torrent Files, Tunneling (GRE), IRC Servers and VPNs are ALLOWED.