Built for Speed

We offer LXC servers built for speed and response time. LXC Servers can resize the virtual disk without an OS Reboot and all changes are instant. We only use SSD drives optimized for high performance. Our LXC Servers are a cost-effective solution for those who need a virtual private server.


LXC Servers
Plans and Pricing

10 GB RAID 1 CORE 512 MB 3 BACKUPS UNMETERED 1 GB 1 $2.99 Order Now
15 GB RAID 1 CORE 1 GB 3 BACKUPS UNMETERED 1 GB 1 $4.99 Order Now
20 GB RAID 2 CORE 2 GB 3 BACKUPS UNMETERED 1 GB 1 $6.99 Order Now
25 GB RAID 2 CORE 4 GB 3 BACKUPS UNMETERED 1 GB 1 $9.99 Order Now
30 GB RAID 4 CORE 6 GB 3 BACKUPS UNMETERED 1 GB 2 $12.99 Order Now
35 GB RAID 4 CORE 8 GB 3 BACKUPS UNMETERED 1 GB 2 $17.99 Order Now

Instant Activation

Yes, you heard that right. All our packages are instantly activated by our automated system upon succesfull payment.

Layer7 DDoS Protection

Our hardware equipment instantly detects when something bad happens. We can mitigate the most sophisticated attacks.

Unmetered Bandwidth

You don't have to worry about running out of juice. We offer unmetered bandwidth for all of our virtual private servers.

All ports are unlocked. Adult Content (except child pornography), Torrent Files, Tunneling (GRE), IRC Servers and VPNs are ALLOWED.

LXC Servers FAQs

Down below you find answers to some of the most asked questions about our LXC Servers. Read more on our FAQs page.

A virtual private server, also known as VPS, is a hosting environment that allows for resources such as CPU and RAM to be dedicated to your account. This is achieved by virtualizing a dedicated server and splitting the resources amongst the users on that dedicated server.

Additional IP addresses can be purchased during checkout or later via ticket. Each additional IP address costs $249 per month.

The following OS templates are available to install and reinstall as you please:
CentOS, cPanel Template, Debian, LAMP, Fedora, Scientific, Suse and Ubuntu.